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Nurturing the Arts: A Mother’s Love

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Exposing children to the arts is one of the best ways to uncover gifts even if a career in the arts is not the end goal. My story is one that includes my mother who nurtured the arts in my life at an early age. As a result, I have witnessed a multitude of rewarding benefits throughout my life.

My mother’s nurturing has shown me 3 practical ways you can help nurture the arts in your children and/or the young people in your life.

1. Support children by buying the supplies needed to hone their craft

I never witnessed my mother creating visual art, or my father, or anyone in my family for that matter. However, I can not remember a moment in my childhood when I was not creating art. One day I curiously asked my mother about this and she shared her memory of how happy I was in kindergarten to bring home my hand turkey painting (you know the one that all American kids make around Thanksgiving time!?!). From there, she observed and paid close attention to how often I doodled, colored, and enjoyed creating. My mother’s attentiveness led her to recognize that I had a gift and love for art. She and my family members began buying me art supplies so that I could create at home.

Elementary Artwork by Charlecia Joy

Elementary Artwork by Charlecia Joy | Title: Parrot Paradise

2. Expose children to professionals that have experience within the arts

In 5th grade I vividly remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and Lorena. Lorena was a very kind woman that my mother became close friends with and just so happened to be an artist. Because I loved art, my mom made it a point that I got acquainted with her. Lorena was the first professional artist I met and knew personally, she was so fun to be around. To prepare for auditions at Parkway Middle School of the Arts, Lorena had come over to help me select the best pieces of art for my first art portfolio. Needless to say I got in! The support from Loraina gave me confidence to do the same thing three years later leading up to my audition and enrollment at Dillard Center for the Arts.

Middle School Artwork by Charlecia Joy

Middle School Artwork by Charlecia Joy | Title: Self-portrait

3. Situate children in the right environments to expand their creativity

Beyond the training I was getting in school, I continued to create, admire, and learn from Lorena. Lorena participated in art festivals around South Florida, particularly the Las Olas Art Fair. She invited me to create art, ornaments, and crafts to sell alongside her at these art festivals. These were the earliest years of my creative entrepreneurial spirit which motivated me to expand my creativity. I also began creating greeting cards (which were highly sought after by my family), as well as designing logos and commissioned artwork for our family reunion, high school organizations, and church.

3 Ways you can nurture the arts in children and young people:

1. Support by buying the supplies needed to hone their craft.

2. Expose them to professionals that have experience within the arts.

3. Situate them in the right environments to expand their creativity.

While my mother may not have created visual art herself, she answered the call that all parents are tasked with. My mom intentionally observed and exposed me to a variety of experiences that aided in cultivating my artistic gifts.

Creating Stapledon Arts is a byproduct of my mother’s love. These experiences have made me a strong believer that nurturing the arts in children will result in a number of core benefits that will transfer far beyond adolescence.

Here at Stapledon Arts we create inclusive art supplies made to nurture the arts in homes, schools, and beyond; from an early age and into adulthood.

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