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We Are

An Inclusive Art Supply Company that Champions Representation through Creativity 

Art Education


Professional Development

Our vision is that Black & Brown communities are empowered through seeing representation, having access to inclusive art supplies, and receiving support in activating their creative skills to positively impact the world around them. Shop Inclusive Art Supplies

We Thank Our Partners!

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Stapledon Arts & Communitas America partnership
Stapledon Arts & Awesome Without Borders Partnership
Charlecia Joy - Founder, Stapledon Arts


Charlecia Joy

Stapledon Arts was born from Charlecia Joy's deep desire to revolutionize art education, sparked by her experience as a dedicated art educator in the New York City public school system. Identifying a critical gap in creative expression for students of color, Joy set out to address the lack of resources for exploring melanin tones. Driven by her vision for an inclusive art supply company, Stapledon Arts offers meticulously crafted skin-tone materials and paint kits that eliminates the intimidation art can bring.  The company celebrates creativity, vibrant narratives, and amplifies marginalized voices in collaboration with BIPOC artists.

For Joy, Stapledon Arts embodies more than a business venture; it represents her journey from her Bahamian and Floridian childhood to her role as an agent of artistic empowerment in New York City. Rooted in communal spirit, academic achievements, and creative innovation, Joy's vision bridges past experiences with present aspirations, symbolized by the name "Stapledon" and the George Washington Bridge. Through Stapledon Arts, Joy's legacy of creative innovation and empowerment continues to inspire inclusive communities worldwide.

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