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We Are

An Inclusive Art Supply Company that Champions Representation through Creativity 

Art Education


Professional Development

Our vision is that Black & Brown communities are empowered through seeing representation, having access to inclusive art supplies, and receiving support in activating their creative skills to positively impact the world around them. Shop art supplies

We Thank Our Partners!

Stapledon Arts & Communitas America partnership
Stapledon Arts & Awesome Without Borders Partnership
Charlecia Joy - Founder, Stapledon Arts


Charlecia Joy

As a young girl, I witnessed gaily adorned floats and hand crafted costumes decorated to perfection at Junkanoo in my mother's place of birth, Nassau, Bahamas. I was intrigued by the production and history; it was revolutionary, creative, and most importantly communal. In addition to such fond memories at Junkanoo, my mother also played an integral part in introducing me to creating art at the tender age of four. These formative experiences sparked the foundation of nurturing the arts in myself and others.

I began refining my artistic skills at Parkway Middle School of the Arts and Dillard Center for the Arts in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I then went on to earn a BFA in Theater Production: Scenic Design from the University of Florida and a MA in Art and Art Education from Columbia University, Teachers College. I have since exhibited in several galleries and art spaces, and have been a teaching-artist through non-profit and freelance opportunities. I also hold a K-12 visual arts teaching certification in New York State, where I taught high school art in the South Bronx of NYC for many years. 

However, my passions extend beyond all that creating art and teaching encompasses, I also enjoy collaborating, facilitating, and planning events and creative experiences in and throughout diverse communities. As a response, Stapledon Arts was founded in April 2021 to explore my passions beyond the studio and classroom. This is a labor of love that represents where my love of art started and where I currently serve. The name “Stapledon ” is derived from my childhood memories in the Bahamas. The George Washington Bridge (which is in Washington Heights, NYC) signifies connecting my past to my present and how I intentionally use my knowledge and experiences to serve as a bridge. I am passionate about serving current and the next generation of artists, art teachers and art administrators. Thank you for joining me along this journey  in making Stapledon Arts a reality.

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